The family

Family Jäger-Wenter

The Hotel Laudersbach in Altenmarkt / Zauchensee has been a family business for 5 generations.

Unfortunately Fritz Wenter, Erika’s husband, died very early. So she was forced to run the business alone up until 1996. In 1996 she handed over the company to her daughter, Nadja, who had successfully graduated from the tourism school in Salzburg. The senior partner Erika has been the good spirit in the hotel and helps where man – or woman – power is needed.

Christian Jäger met Nadja during his time at the Atomic ski factory at the beginning of the 90s and in the year 2000, in which a wedding was also celebrated, he entered the restaurant business as a newcomer. The requirements in the hotel are growing and in addition to his duties as “Hobby-Caretaker” and service help in the restaurant, he is increasingly assuming the duties associated with the financial and marketing aspects of the business.

Manuel, Christian’s and Nadja’s first child , was born in 1996. As the family grew it became necessary in 1999 to build a private extension onto the guesthouse. Manuel currently is attending university, but also supports his family when he is at home. He gladly advises guests whenever they need information about outdoor activities or where to go out!

In 2006 daughter Valentina was born. Meaning “the strength” the name could not be more appropriate. She loves to let our guests know what a smart girl she is! At breakfast, her charm and geniality lets everyone start their day on a humorous note.

The strength of the Hotel Laudersbach is the closely-knit family. Everyone can rely on everyone else 100% and everyone knuckles down when someone is in need.